Deaf Schools

Two Tidbits about Deaf History During The Civil War

Two tidbits about Deaf history during the civil war — the one you already know, and the other one you may not know! Watch on…enjoy! ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello, I’m here at the Civ...Read More

NCDS’s Tower Clock

Melissa Owens-Shumate is standing in front of NCSD’s tower clock, one of oldest buildings at NCSD. She had already acquired ASL and learned written English by the time she entered NCSD in year 1975 at...Read More

Deaf School and Jigsaw Puzzles

For those who love Deaf Schools and jigsaw…❤️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello! I want to talk about jigsaw puzzles. Some of you have different signs for “puzzles” like this or that…...Read More

Temperature at Home of ASL Rose

See the temperature at home of ASL Rose (Cave Spring, GA) at the sunset! Love it! ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello, I’m at this place which is home of ASL Rose, and take a look what time and ...Read More

Marcus A. Flournoy

One of only four documented Americans who was taught by Laurent Clerc at Paris (France) Deaf School! ♥️ The name of cemetery is Cusseta City Cemetery in Cusseta, Alabama. [Video Transcript] Adonia: Hi...Read More

West Cinema Movie Theater in Cedartown, GA

We are planning for the upcoming GSD-Class of 1988 event next month, and everyone is welcome! Hope to see y’all there! ♥️ [Video Transcript] Judy: Hello! I’m Judy Hayes (demonstrating name sign)...Read More

Richard and Donna Farris

Here’s a Deaf couple – Richard and Donna Farris – who are proud to be alumni of Kentucky School for the Deaf, and wearing their new shirts proved that! Donna is Adonia’s best friend since ...Read More

Kentucky School for the Deaf

Remember in an earlier post I was asking you to guess where I was go to, and who I was talking about? My answer is this Kentucky School for the Deaf! Here’s the video about a brief history of KSD R...Read More

New Product…Revealed!

The new product…REVEALED! ♥️ Adonia: Hello! I am excited to tell you that the new product has arrived! I thought it would be ready next week, but it’s not. It’s here now! Perfect tim...Read More

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