Deaf Schools

ASL Rose Video AD ❤️

ASL Rose presented its video ad at recent ASLTA conference in San Diego. Take a view! How many do Deaf schools in USA exist today? Find out! Note:  ASL Rose video ad was shown at #2019ASLTA Conference...Read More

A Challenge for You to Support National Deaf Schools Museum

Share away! Support and donate National Deaf schools Museum! Share away! ♥️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello everyone! It sure feels like a long time since I see you last time! So as you know, first o...Read More

A Brief History of Prague Deaf School ❤️

A brief history of the fifth oldest public Deaf school in the world: Prague Deaf School! ❤️ [Video Transcript] ADONIA: I’m here at Prague Deaf School in Prague and I’ll be talking about ho...Read More

Adonia and friends at another Prague Deaf School

Adonia K. Smith, Marika Robinson and Sara Bianco at another Prague Deaf School (est. 1926) ♥️

Adonia and friends at Prague Deaf School

Prague Deaf School – 5th oldest public Deaf school in the world ♥️

Why We Need National Deaf Schools Museum

Why a National Deaf Schools Museum is needed…️ [Video transcript] Adonia: Hello! I’m here at Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind. Look at the year date. It says it has been established in...Read More

GSD’s 173rd Anniversary!

Today is a special day — GSD’s 173rd Anniversary! Take a look at those videos of GSD’s three locations.[Video transcript]Hi, I am here at Cave Spring. See the sign that said, “Welcome to Cave Spring (...Read More

The Numbers…ZERO!

Look at the numbers! Zero - yes, you read the number 0 here!The big !0! of known Deaf graduates with the Seal of Biliteracy in spoken ASL and written English in USA!

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