Can You Guess Where This Classroom Is

Can you guess where this classroom is?

Inside this huge building – the PB!

The mother of my best friend Donna (Smith) Farris took this picture. Donna’s little brother Tony Smith (now deceased) was eating a cookie while looking at our teacher. Next to me was my sister-like cousin Tara (Ward) Murphy (also deceased) and my sister Camille (Smith) Whitfield. They all knew ASL and watched avidly as the teacher was speaking something in ASL to us. I was wearing my jacket with the hearts on it. In the picture Tony and I were students, but there were other students with us in the class that were not shown. Tara and Camille were visitors who came to celebrate a party that day. The blonde woman standing behind us was Suzanne (Caple) Smith, but I am not sure who the other woman she was talking to.

Look at our classroom, very 1970-ish vintage! Nice size room too, and that is inside of the Primary Building! ♥️

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