Brenda Ulrich Received a Deaf Cinderella Book

Giving back to Deaf School…another Deaf Cinderella donation!

Rose Hawley, a graduate of Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf, donated a copy of Deaf Cinderella book to the library at her alma mater school. Brenda Ulrich, a librarian and a teacher of ENCSD, accepted the gift. Deaf students at ENCSD will have an opportunity to watch the story in ASL and to read the story in English print during their library time. Thank you, Rose, for giving back to ENCSD! ❤️

Who else loves their Deaf School like Rose?

Awesome that Rose shared the same name that is a part of this company, ASL Rose!

Deaf Cinderella says SUPPORT the Deaf Schools in the world! Deaf Schools have the most rich-language environment and visual culture that enable Deaf students to become fully balanced bilinguals, celebrating Deaf Culture and cherishing hearing allies and their Hearing Culture.

All 10% of monies from profits go to a new National Deaf School Museum.

Click here to buy a copy of Deaf Cinderella:


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