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Baylee misses you all

Baylee says that ASL Rose misses y’all! Hope y’all are having a happy Memorial Day weekend so far… #ASLRose

Drawing of PB

I LOVE this drawing…the Primary Building (PB) with ASL Rose’s red chair in front of it! Thank you, Tina (Blaxton) Phillips, a graduate of GSD, for this am...

Bibbidi bobbidi boo

The Deaf fairy godmother came and cast a spell…Bibbidi bobbidi boo! Order your copy of Deaf Cinderella before midnight, when the spell breaks! ♥️ 10 perce...


Every. One. Counts. #Census2020 ♥️ #ASLRose

Every One Counts

This is what I got a surprise from my friends who said they said they saw me on TV this evening! I did not even see it, but here’s a glimpse of me in the Atlant...

A Gorgeous Sunset

Perfect match: a gorgeous sunset, and where I’m standing, it’s only a few miles away to the most definitely gorgeous Primary Building! ♥️

Deaf Cinderella Is Quarantining

See what Deaf Cinderella says. ASL Rose is quarantining, too. Stay safe and it saves lives. ❤️

Have You Ever Seen?

More resource from ASL Rose! This time it’s a retired children’s book from a Deaf perspective, with ASL handshapes provided by a creative team who are Dea...


Speechless here – Want to share this exciting news with you that ASL Rose has been selected as 2020 Best of Frederick (Maryland – where ASL Rose, LL...