ASLTA Presentation

ASLTA (American Sign Language Teacher Association) is one of most important professional organizations in the nation. ASLTA aims to certificate and qualify ASL-speaking professionals to teach ASL and in other Deaf education fields.

As a co-presenter it is quite a honor to once again give my presentation at ASLTA conference in San Diego this coming summer. My last co-presentation was “The ASL Emancipation for Deaf Learners” in Phoenix, AZ ten years ago. That was where I last witnessed Larry R. Fleischer, the most influential Deaf professor, giving an endnote presentation at ASLTA. He had a massive heart attack afterward landing at the airport in Las Vegas after the conference. He was my dear friend and he was one of major reasons why I became who I am today. I feel truly privileged to have attended his last presentation.

Thank you, Kristine Hall (chair of this conference), for making the conference awesome, already! Looking forward to giving her a big hug! She is considered a GSD family member because she went to GSD when she was so young. ❤️

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