ASLTA Conference Workshop

Good news! Hope y’all come to our workshop! ❤️

[Video Transcript]
Adonia: Hello! Good news! We will indeed be giving our presentation at ASLTA conference! Yes! The title of our presentation will be “No Deaf School History, No A+ Teachers!” The reason for this subject is that if there is no history of the Deaf schools, the teachers will not understand the Deaf people’s sense of inclusion, and wouldn’t be qualified as A+ teachers! It’s so obvious. That includes the history of ASL dating from 1800’s that started inside a Deaf school. Those studying to become teachers must understand and know the Deaf Schools history before they could be certified to teach, whether it be ASL, Deaf education, Deaf Studies, or even Deaf History. They must understand and internalize this before they can be qualified to be A+ teachers! The three of us who will be presenting at the conference will be me, Linsay Darnall, and Sara Bianco. Thanks, and bye!

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