ASL Rose’s “DO” Action and a Challenge

UPDATE: Congratulations to the first three winners: Arkansas SD, Tennessee SD-Knoxville and Alabama SD! ♥️


Scott Ward and an anonymous friend did a “DO” action! See what they did…you can do the same thing! All monies from all ASL Rose products purchased go to a new Deaf Schools museum.

Start date/time: Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 8:00 pm EST
End date/time: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 8 pm EST

Each Deaf student deserves the literacy-rich environment that emphasizes the importance of signing, writing and reading: the bilingual book — Deaf Cinderella! ♥️

[Video transcript]

Adonia: Do you know ASL Rose strongly believe in signed language, reading and writing and also believe in community involvement, too? Ok, let me tell you about two people who have decided to buy a total of three copies of Deaf Cinderella books and donated them to Deaf children. I’m so thrilled and so thankful to hear that! Who are those people? The first one is my cousin Scott! He bought and donated two copies. Thanks, Scott! The other person, who preferred to remain anonymous, also donated one copy as well. So, three books donated to Deaf children. How did they do that? They were following ASL Rose’s four rules, which is this: First, a child must be Deaf and speaks American Sign Language. Second, the child can be any age up to 12th grade. Third, the child must live in United States. And lastly, the fourth – the book must be donated through the school, which can be a residential school, a mainstreamed program, a parent-baby program or anything of that sort, and/or through a service provider such as Deaf mentor. Through those rules the books can be donated to Deaf children.

Adonia: So for all of you in the community, what you can do is to type at least one name, for example, South Carolina School for the Deaf, a name of a Deaf mentor or a type of a mmainstreamed program. Don’t type the same name more than once, or it will not be counted. You have three days to do that (I will let you know when to start typing names and when to stop). When I tell you the time is up, I will check the comments and count how many of the same names in total from each person. The first total number of the same name means a book will be donated to that place or service provider. Second total of the same name will also result in a donation of the book to the place, and likewise the third total of the same name. Each of the three total numbers of the same name means three books will be donated to the three different places or or program or service provider of your choice. Hope I’m clear to you all? Just remember not to type the same name twice. It will not be counted. So, I’m pretty excited. Thanks! Remember ASL Rose’s statement: Be revolutionary. Effect change. Take a stand with us!


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