ASL Rose’s Deaf Cinderella Books Ran Out and Special Limited Edition ❤️

Yes…already! ❤

[Video transcript]

Adonia: I want to thank every one of you who have ordered the book, Deaf Cinderella. Thanks so much! Wow, we have received so many orders; we ran out of the hardcover copies already! We still have a few softcover copies left in our shop. Does that mean it’s all finished? No, we will plan to continue to print more Deaf Cinderella books, and you can still order for your own copy….but please be aware that it will take two weeks to process. So, thanks again! 

One another thing…I want to inform you that ASL Rose will be offering the special limited edition of hardcover copies of Deaf Cinderella with autographs from members of ASL Rose Creative Team, along with three posters. Each costs $100.00. Only 10 copies available…once they’re gone, they are gone. The creative team are still in process of autographing each book because they live in different states, so it will be a while before the special limited editions are available for purchase at ASLTA conference in San Diego, CA (June 30-July 3). So if you want to see Deaf Cinderella book and buy a copy, please visit our booth. Or you can order them now before everyone else. Let me show you what the posters (we’re still in process of editing and printing them). One is “Support Deaf Schools”. The school in the back is of course the same GA Deaf school I went to when I was younger. The other poster is “All signed languages are languages too!” And the third poster is…oops, I thought I brought the third one, but it’s not here. The last poster is Preserve Deaf History, which I’ll show you the next time. So those are special limited edition of the hardcover Deaf Cinderella book and the posters, only 10 total for $100 each. That’s it. Thanks again for your love, your encouragement, and support! Many thanks! Bye!…/limited-edition-deaf-cinderella-pack…/

10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools museum

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