ASL Rose Video Updates From Time to Time

Be sure to visit ASL Rose for updates and videos from time to time. To see a quick glimpse of general ASL Rose and Deaf history and understand where everything was coming from. There are many more dates but for now some are shown here. ♥️

Some important and not-so-important dates are: 

1832 Cave Spring (city) is established

1833 Flournoy’s proposal to establish GSD but is ignored

1846 GSD (private school) opens

1847 State funds and incorporates GSD

1880 ASL and other signed languages are banned in all national Deaf students’ schools; Forced to teach two divisions of ASL/SL (considered low class back then) and Oralism (spoken English/lipreading only)

1882 Black school at GSD opens; Two campuses (Fannin and Gordon) are in operation

1939 Primary Building (PB) is built

1955 ASL is declared a real language

1956 Historic marker is erected in honor of John J. Flournoy

1966 National Declaration of Oralism (Use spoken English/lipreading only) is considered a failure

1975 Mainstreaming Act passes (which hurt all Deaf schools); Black school at GSD is closed permanently; Two campuses (Fannin and Gordon) still open even if Black school at GSD closes

1984 Fannin Campus closes permanently; only one campus (Gordon) still in operation

1988 Unlocking Curriculum for all students (ASL is included in curriculum, as it is considered critical for Deaf students)

1990s PB along with other old GSD buildings on old Fannin campus are sold out to private owners and/or corporations; Deaf Schools slowly start to die due to 1975 mainstreaming law

2000s Bilingualism (and Multilingualism) and Deaf Culture celebrations increase nationwide

2004 ASL Rose opens

2010 ASL Rose goes into a brief hibernation due to revamping and rebranding

2013 GSD Museum opens

2018 ASL Rose relocates from Maryland to Georgia

2019 ASL Rose celebrates 15th; Deaf Cinderella is published

2019 FB Fundrasier launches with a goal to buy PB and turn it into three future divisions (National Deaf Schools Museum, a home for GSD Museum and ASL Rose store & studio)

2020 ASL Rose continues with new plans and exciting new projects

2021 GSD’s 175th Anniversary; ASL Rose’s surprises to be announced.

Ten percent from all purchased ASL Rose products will go to the National Deaf Schools Museum:

Please help make a dream come true in purchasing and turning the PB into three divisions: the future National Deaf Schools Museum, the housing for GSD Museum and ASL Rose:


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