ASL Rose needs YOUR help

Welcome back to school! ASL Rose needs YOUR help!

Please watch the video for the details. It starts now (August 10, 2019 at midnight EST) and ends onAugust 12, 2019 at midnight EST.

This will be a surprise new product coming soon!

Happy signing, reading and writing at your school! ♥️

[Video transcript]

Adonia: Hello everyone! I need your help. See those three colors – Classic Red, Evergreen, and Deep Royal (blue). What’s up with them? Because there will be a new product coming soon. What is it? Sorry, I’m not telling – it will be a surprise! So how can you help me? You just type down one color you like – Classic Red, Evergreen or Deep Royal – that will be used for this new product. You cannot type any other colors, they will not be counted. Maybe you may wonder if it is any good to benefit from choosing a choice of color – you may say, well, it’s probably all for nothing to gain from it. Never fret! When you are done typing down your choice of color listed above (the deadline will be August 12 at midnight EST) I will put the name of the participants on a wheel contest (like you see on TV game “Wheel of Fortune”). When I spin it, and it comes to a stop on a name of a person who participated in choosing the color, that person will win the new product! Get it? Have fun! Thanks for your help; I appreciate that! I have had a hard time deciding on a color myself…that’s why I need your help! Thanks again, and have a wonderful school year, and remember – this is important – “signing, writing and reading!”


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