ASL Rose Clothes Coming!

Be ready to wear ASL Rose clothes when they are ready! Here is the update…And agree with ASL Rose’s support! ❤️

[Video transcript]
Adonia: Whee! But you probably wonder what’s up with that? There’s no rain. Naturally, it’s always hot and sunny in Georgia! Ok, let me update you on what to do about the clothes at ASL Rose store. Before, there were some clothes available in the store – but now, they’re not there? The reason is that we changed and transferred from one company to another who supply shirts and the like for ASL Rose. So please be patient with us while we work to offer the new, fancy “artsy” clothes. They should be available next week or two. So please watch for them!
Plus – ASL Rose support Deaf children’s right to signed languages all over the world. Do you? Click “Like” on ASL Rose Facebook if you agree!

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