ASL Rose Booth at the National Deaf Education Conference ❤️

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]See the pictures of the ASL Rose booth at the National Deaf Education conference this past weekend (June 20-22, 2019) at Texas School for the Deaf in Austin.

Thank you, Fara Harper of Chicago with her lovely #ASLRose shirt and her red earrings, for representing ASL Rose! And for making the ASL Rose booth look so elegant!

10% of all products that were purchased go to a new national Deaf schools museum! Thank you, Deaf Education Conference, for making the difference!

ASL Rose is proud to be a one-of-kind company that serves the heART of Deaf education! It is a unique collaboration which produces, publishes and spoken ASL-written English bilingual and bicultural educational products. ❤️

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