Amanda (Milford) Hatcher got A Deaf Cinderella Book

Not just regular teachers who teach using literacy in their classroom times, but speech language pathologists can, too! Amanda (Milford) Hatcher incorporates literacy into her therapy sessions all the time, including a bilingual book which happened to be Deaf Cinderella!

Hatcher and her school celebrates Inclusive Schools Week every year for all hearing English-speaking students. They highlight and celebrate diverse people from around the world. They also learn that Deaf people who speak signed languages in their countries are the most diverse (and very cool) people. And that includes Hatcher’s Deaf parents, too! Her father was a graduate of Georgia School for the Deaf. Her mother was a graduate of Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind. Hatcher, a hearing CODA, and her parents all speak ASL fluently! How cool! ♥️

Click here to buy a copy of Deaf Cinderella:

10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools museum



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