Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers

Almira C. (Peugh) Carruthers, a graduate of American School for the Deaf AND Georgia School for the Deaf, would be 188 years old next month. She was one of earliest students when Georgia School for the Deaf was opened on May 15, 1846…and the only one female in class. On August 3, 1847, she was hired to become the first Deaf female teacher at Georgia School for the Deaf. Do watch the video, as there are several interesting tidbits about her. Enjoy! ♥️

[Video transcript]

Adonia: Hello! I’m here at Glenwood Cemetery in Thomaston, GA. I’ll be talking about this particular (and important) person. Her name was Almira Peugh, her husband was James Carruthers. Who is this person? First, Almira was one of the first students to enter Georgia School for the Deaf on May 15, 1846. There were four or five students in total, and she was the only one female in class! And second, she was the first Deaf female teacher at Georgia School for the Deaf.

Adonia: Let me explain something a bit. Look at her birthday – it was December 16, 1831. Remember the date. In the year 1833 John J. Flournoy, the Deaf man who proposed to the Legislative to establish the Georgia Deaf School. Notice it was in 1833! That means Almira was two years old when John J. Flournoy made that proposal. Neat, right?

Adonia: Then in December 17, 1847, the State made a decision to fund the Deaf school. That was the day right after Almira’s birthday (December 16)! She must have felt a special connection to that school. And by the way, Almira went to American School for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut for three years, at that time when there was no Georgia School for the Deaf yet. (That would be before GSD was established in 1846.) Almira’s husband, James, went to New York School for the Deaf – Fanwood…pretty cool!

Adonia: Almira lived in Thomaston, GA for many years and was buried here. Next month will be her birthday on December 16th and she would be 188 years old! That means, if the Legislative had listened to John J. Flournoy’s proposal and established the Deaf school sooner, GSD would also be 188 years old too instead of 175 years old in two years! Oh well! Looking forward to celebrating GSD’s 175th anniversary in 2021, and thanks to Almira Peugh for being a part of our GSD history!

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