A child’s radiant face

Look at the adorable 8-months-old Lauren (“LJ”) James’ radiant face as she watches her Deaf grandmother, Tammie (Sharpton) Kelley, telling the story of Deaf Cinderella and signing Deaf Cinderella’s sign name. And even Tammie’s grandson Liam is reading the book! They are such a precious fairytale treasure!

Many grandparents have been ordering copies of Deaf Cinderella book for their grandchildren. What a better way to expose their small grandchildren to ASL at such early age, by reading stories and signing them out to the young captivated audience! Yes, even babies (either Deaf or hearing) DO soak up ASL like a sponge! Did you know that hearing babies can express in ASL before they can speak a single word vocally? Amazing!

Deaf Cinderella says she thanks you, Tammie, for raising your grandchildren to be bilinguals! ♥️

To buy a copy of Deaf Cinderella book, click here: https://aslrose.com/product/deaf-cinderella-book/

10% of proceeds go to a new national Deaf schools museum


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