A Challenge for You to Support National Deaf Schools Museum

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[Video transcript]

Adonia: Hello everyone! It sure feels like a long time since I see you last time! So as you know, first of all…congratulations to the stars of HGTV show “Fixer Upper” who donated 1.5 millions to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. That was so awesome! And last April 15 a major fire broke out at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, leaving it with devastating damages. People all around the world donated about 1.13 billions to rebuild the precious, 800-years-old cathedral.

Adonia: The reason why are I talking about those events was about the old Deaf Schools – those old buildings. They are just as important, too – quite so! They are one of a kind Deaf school in the world – in USA, in all other countries! Here’s a challenge for you: please share this video all around the world. Come all who will support us, and those who ask the business for a tax write-off, anyone who can donate to build a National Deaf Schools Museum! We need this for the purpose of sharing Deaf History related to Deaf School in each state, and all in American Sign Language too! It is important to show your support by sharing the video. Thanks so much!

Adonia: And second, for all of you who are going to ASLTA conference in San Diego, California, in a few days, if you have shared this video abroad, you will get $25 off your purchase of ASL Rose products (totaling $200.00 and up). You have to show me the proof that you have shared the video (it must be shared publicly…you cannot share it in private), and I will give you $25 off when you purchase any of ASL Rose products over $200.00. See you there at ASLTA conference! And hello, world! Come help us by donating to the National Deaf Schools Museum!


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