Red chair again! ♥️

[Video Transcript]

Adonia: Hello! Long time no see! I’m happy to be sitting in the red chair again. I want to inform y’all that you can visit ASL Rose website and click on “Give” at the top. You’ll see the name list of donors and how much they have donated. You can follow the updates from time to time, because some of the people donated directly to me in person and not just through the internet. Besides, there are no fees when donating. So that is cool. Also, some paid in cash and later donated again online, totaling how much each person have donated so far.

Adonia: Also, ten percentage from ASL Rose products purchased goes into the amount collected from donations. I’m waiting for my bookkeeper to calculate the total number of donations from last year (2019) that will also tallied up along with this year’s donations. So please do visit the “GIVE” page at! Your donations are so important, thanks! I really appreciate them! And your sharing this fundraising page means so much to me, too. Your love, support and encouragement – all so important to me! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Bye!

10 percent from all purchased ASL Rose products ( will go to the National Deaf Schools Museum, and we also welcome ANY amount of donation toward the purchasing of the Primary Building (or PB for short).

Please help make a dream come true in purchasing and turning the PB into three divisions: the future National Deaf Schools Museum, a new home for GSD Museum, and also a new home for ASL Rose:


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